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Are you a Counsellor or you want to become a Unique One?

If you are looking for an opportunity in the field of counselling or are pursuing counselling in any field..

If you would like to explore a 100% Online profession and operate from the comforts of your home..

If you would like to learn INBORN Potential Assessment Tool based on Fingerprints..

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If you are looking out for a genetic and scientific tool to enhance your counselling skills..

And if you would like to get FINGERPRINT REPORT & COUNSELLING for yourself..

Here’s a unique opportunity to enroll for the upcoming Online
Fingerprint Training Program.

About the Training

Each Individuals Fingerprints are Unique & Fingerprints are a Map to each person’s Brain therefore each brain is Unique. Dermatoglyphics is the Genetic & Scientific Study of Fingerprints.

Certified Dermatoglyphics Training Program is a Unique way of Mapping the Brain and its Innate Potential. This training program will equip you with the knowledge of Fingerprinting Analysis and its Unique & effective counselling Method & Skills to become a Fingerprint Analyst.

This workshop aims to upgrade you as a Fingerprint Expert and helps you expand your career while working from home. It’s the only 99.9% accurate tool which enhances your existing Coaching/Counselling be it for any field related to Children or Adults.

You will now be able to counsel/consult and Guide children / Individuals / Adults as per their OWN UNIQUE INNATE NATURE / TALENTS / BEHAVIOR / CAREER / PROFESSIONAL OR PERSONAL CHALLENGES. It’s a UNIQUE method to reach a precise goal towards a better and focused life.

Who all can join?

DMIT Counsellors- looking for upgrading their skills ,Psychologists, Educationists, Teachers, Educational Trainers, Skill Development Teachers, Child Counsellors, Parent Coaches, Handwriting Experts Corporate Trainers, Career Counsellors, Relationship Counsellors, Soft Skills Trainers, Life Coach, HR Trainers, Hypnotherapists, Healing Experts, Home Makers with a Unique skill of counselling.

Grow Yourself! Upgrade as
Fingerprint Consultant & help others.

Join 100 + LBB Associates Community!

After completing this program, you will get empanelled with Lives Beyond Boundaries and canstart earning as high as Rs. 3000 per 2.5 hour consulting sessions. As LBB associate, we will provide support in marketing yourself and how to highlight yourself as a DMIT counsellor. We will provide exposure to different segments like child counselling, career counselling, adult counselling, relationship counselling, corporate counselling and more.

DERMATOGLYPHICS – A Unique Counselling Technique for Every Need

Learn how to use and explore your own unique intuitive nature, analysing skills, empathetic & logical personality to undertake customised counselling sessions including child counselling, relationship counselling, career counselling, counselling for stress management and more using the most advanced tool of Dermatoglyphics.

About Fingerprint Analysis

  • Fingerprints are a unique map to your brain. It is genetic and scientific.
  • Our Fingerprints have a direct connection with our Brain. Our Brain has 5 lobes divided 2 parts - left and right brain. Each Fingerprint represents one lobe of Brain. 2 parts x 5 lobes = 10 Lobes = 10 Fingerprints.
  • Fingerprints reflect your brain functions, and every finger reveals different aspects of your Personality/Behaviour/Learning & Performing Styles/Unique Triggers & Receptors.
  • All of these functions are the same for every individual, however, what is most important is that every human brain’s learning styles, reactions, motivation, triggers, execution of these functions are different.
Combination of Patterns, Sequence, TFRC, Brain Lobes, Nerve Growth Factor, Percentage is what all makes each individual’s Fingerprints unique
Fingerprints is a unique way to reveal your true self, your personality, inborn talent, skills, likes/dislikes, 16 multiple intelligences and much more.

Fingerprints are the google map to your life,
from current location to where you want to go.

Fingerprints Analysis helps parents for better child development, teenagers to choose right subjects & most suitable carreer path as per their Uniqueness, adults for managing professional & personal chalenges and how to increase potential in both, couples for improving their relationship, corporate for recruitment and right fit talent.

Fingerprint Analysis – A Scientific Tool for every Counselling Need

Child Counselling

Help parents understand Child’s Inborn Strengths, Effective way to communicate with Child, how to manage Child’s Behavior, how to make child learn & grow as per his/inborn capabilities & nature.

Career Counselling

Provide right career guidance to child on the basis of Child’s Inborn Personality, Inborn Strengths like Leadership Style, Management Style, Language Potential, Logical & Creative Ability, Inborn IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ and lot more.

Relationship Counselling

Help couples understand each other’s inborn traits & personality for better Communication, Behavioral understanding, Resolving conflicts, Build strong bonding, Reduce Stress by pursuing their inborn passion.

Adult Counselling

Help adults manage their professional & personal challenges like anxiety, fear, stress, anger, confusion, goal setting, dealing with adversities and much more through inborn personality mapping.

It’s Unique

No two person in the world have same fingerprints. A combination of brain lobes, Total Finger Ridge count (TFRC), Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), fingerprint patterns makes every fingerprint unique.

It’s Genetic & Scientific

Fingerprints are formed during 13th – 19th week of pregnancy along with Child’s brain and have inheritable qualities from parents or grandparents.

It’s for Lifetime

As Fingerprints never change, the report is done only once in a lifetime. One can refer to same report at any phase or purpose of your life.

What will this course cover?

Session 1 : Introduction of Fingerprint Analysis

  • About Fingerprint Analysis
  • What makes Fingerprints Unique & what do they Reveal?
  • What’s the Connection between Fingerprints & Brain?
  • How Fingerprints represent different Lobes of the Brain?
  • How Brain Lobes affect every aspect of our Lives, Our Feelings Our Processing-reactions, Actions
  • Our Unique Capabilities/Talents
  • Benefits of Fingerprint Analysis
  • Application of Fingerprint Analysis
  • How it is helpful for children, for adults, for couples, for corporates, for schools

Session 2: Multiple Intelligences

  • What are Multiple Intelligences
  • Learn different types of Multiple Intelligences
  • Learn about 16 Multiple Intelligences
  • How to manage and improve different multiple intelligences?

Session 3: Main Quotients of Brain

  • Learn 4 main quotients of brain
  • How to manage and navigate them?
  • How conditioning & belief affect us?

Session 4: Unique Learning and Communication Styles

  • Which are different unique learning styles?
  • How do they affect us?
  • 6 Communication Styles and its Effects

Session 5: Psychological Aspect of Counselling

  • Learn MBTI Theory & personality mapping interpretation
  • Learn Holland’s Theory & it’s application

Session 6: Fingerprint Patterns

  • Mapping, decoding & characteristics understanding of Fingerprint Patterns
  • Explore different Fingerprint Patterns live using online Fingerprint software

Session 7: Interpretation of Fingerprint Report

  • Understand and how to read each section of report
  • Usage and Significance of TFRC, patterns, sequence, percentages while counselling
  • Usage and Significance of Learning and Communication styles while counselling
  • Usage and Significance of 4 Quotients of Brain while counselling
  • Usage and Significance of Multiple Intelligences while counselling

Session 8: Customize Application of Fingerprint Report

  • How to use Fingerprint Report for Child Counselling?
  • How to use Fingerprint Report for Career Counselling?
  • How to use Fingerprint Report for Adult Counselling?
  • How to use Fingerprint Report for Special Needs?

Session 9: Mock Session with Fingerprint Expert

  • Real case study assessment and analysis of Fingerprint report
  • Live presentation to Fingerprint Expert
100+ Counsellors trained
Spread over 10 cities & 5 countries
World’s 1 st Mobile App to capture Fingerprints

Meet the Trainers

Lives Beyond Boundaries brings specialized trainers with years of counselling experience across all age groups addressing different needs of individuals. They bring in lot of insights, learning and real case examples to create a simple and effective learning experience.

Shivani Sharma

Founder – Lives Beyond Boundaries
Fingerprint Expert, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner

Charu Bhadrish

Brand Strategist
Senior Dermatoglyphics Consultant – Lives Beyond Boundaries

Preeti Singh

Wellness coach, NLP & CBT Practitioner,
Dermatoglyphics Consultant –
Special Needs

Association Partners

Centre for Multiple Intelligence and Dermatoglyphics

Lives Beyond Boundaries

And Asian Dermatoglyphics Research Centre

A Few Words from our Consultants

Become A Certified Fingerprint Analyst. Join the team and help us spread happiness.

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